Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC (GLE) was an original 40 mgy nameplate ethanol
production facility which underwent an expansion in 2007 and currently is running
at 100+ mgy in Watertown, SD. Glacial Lakes Energy, LLC ethanol plant was
formed in May 2001 by the Glacial Lakes Corn Processors (GLCP) and Glacial Lakes
Capital, LLC (GLC). GLCP is a South Dakota Cooperative comprised of over 4,000
members. GLE purchased the ownership held by GLC in July 2004. After the
transaction, GLCP became the sole owner of GLE.

E15 Station Locator

AFDC E85 Database or Flex-Fuel Station Locator App - will direct you to E85 locator apps for iPhone or Android systems. The website also includes downloads for Garmin or TomTom navigation devices.

The New Fuel: E15 - E15 stations are listed by state on the website. You will also find quick facts and other information for consumers on E15, including how to identify if your vehicle can use it. Click here for more info.

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